Bringing generations together with Frieda

Describing a brand new concept and space ain't easy when it's never
been done before. When Thomas and David got in touch to tell me about
their new social enterprise, I was up for the challenge. They were creating a
physical space, to encourage people of all ages and generation, 
to come together to make, bake and create. 

They wanted to create a sense of community, but without
using that (arguably overused) word. With a little back and forth,
we landed on a description that sums up their philosophy in a
way that makes people of all ages want to get involved. 

'At FRIEDA, we believe our lives are enriched by
connecting with people of all generations.'

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Date: July - Aug 2016 / Client: Frieda for Generations / Role: Copywriter / URL: / Tags: branding, copywriting, social enterprise /