Zapping farmers' crops to shelves with Zazu

It was my pleasure to work with Matt Morgan over at Fact Studio for this project. 
He's responsible for the beautiful brand concept and design for Zazu.  

Zazu, a South Africa-based digital marketplace, connects farmers 
with people who need to buy the food they're growing. Sounds like 
an obvious idea, but it wasn't happening, so we needed to communicate
the simplicity of the idea while showing how life-changing it could be. 

The concept of long-form copy highlighted to show a short-form
message helped us demonstrate the point that even though there's
technology involved, it really doesn't need to be that complicated.

I wrote all the copy and came up with the strap-line Just Trade. 

See more on Zazu's website and this Fact Studio case study

Date: July 2016 / Client: Zazu / Role: Copywriter / URL: / Tags: branding, copywriting, tone of voice, website /